Essay: The church of Puritans

10 Oct

Essay: The church of Puritans

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By virtue of being religious the Puritans had built a church for and within their colony. The colonies goals shared some given differences as well as certain similarities. For instance, Jamestown and Plymouth colonies were more similar because of their nature as the company based settlements but Massachusetts Bay Colony was slightly different because it was a majority religious colony (Katz, 1973). All the three colonies were used as the permanent settlement areas meant for the immigrants. However, Jamestown and Plymouth were used as the agricultural centers to turn profits for their parent companies. Massachusetts Bay Colony was used to resettle the puritan religious members.

The settlements also were used for exploration purposes into the interior the United States. John smith gives his explanation as to how his exploration of the Chickahamania River led him to be held captive by the local Indians for over six weeks. William Bradford states that shortly after their arrival by the year 1620 that they set off on 15th of November and when they had covered about the space of about a mile by the seaside they stated to be frustrated in their search for water (Woods, 2004). These early settlements succeeded in bringing about the renowned Great Migration of the later centuries as evident because they still survive today.

Exploration was one of the major successes for finding new resources and the people greatly helped the settlers survive their new environments. John smith, after making friendship with Pocahontas aided his members of Jamestown in getting regular provisions of the resources like water.

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