Essay: The development of the Islamic Criminal Justice System

10 Oct

Essay: The development of the Islamic Criminal Justice System

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The Islamic Criminal Justice System is strictly theological. This means that all the laws on criminal jurisprudence were derived from very strict Sharia laws that were executed by the political-religious leaders (Abdal-Haqq, 2006, P. 12). Sharia in an Arab word that means “the right path” and it had no opposition from any quota of the society. This is actually one of the most accepted set of laws by a certain community to ever exist. All the people concurred with the law with even any opposition to the same was a crime itself.

Up to 500 years ago, Islamic laws had grown to the extent that the whole of the Arab world was using the Sharia. This lead to aggressiveness towards opponents of the same such as Jewish states like Israel hence the constant conflict in the region mostly characterized by the Palestinian-Israel conflict going on up to hitherto. Most serious crimes in criminal law were assumed a sin against ‘Allah’ (God) prompting a mandatory wrath expressed on those that were found guilty (Crystal, 2001 p. 36). Crimes and punishments included robbery where one was crucified, adultery where one was liable to death by stoning, slander where one went with 80 lashes and 80 lashes for drinking alcohol or any other drink branded as an intoxicant.

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