Essay: The way to success is to be organized

19 Oct

Essay: The way to success is to be organized

Sample Essay

Proper organization is paramount for greater success. It’s important for the people to have a personal timetable which indicates what time management and its implementation in terms of when to do what and at what time principle. When they are supposed to report to work and when they are supposed to be learning either through the institution or through the e-learning which is common now days.

Curriculum should be availed to the student to be able to organize time effectively. This can be availed to our employer’s clearly indicating the times the students are supposed to be in class. This will minimize conflict between the worker and the employer.

Communication is very key between the course instructors and the student and the student to his employer. This is followed closely followed by the respects to agreements and encourages practice of discipline. Assessment both at work should be fair and credible. The employer needs to judge the worker using the programmes given while at school the instructor judges these students using the test exams and classroom assignments. Research has showed that students who are unfairly awarded some marks become demotivated and the performance drops drastically. The employer creates a negative attitude to the workers if he poorly appraisals the works  The next of kin or the parent of the student need to be in touch with the teacher in order to be up dated on the performance of the individual students their course. Sometimes the employer may need to know what is going on in the institution. They thus need constant updating on the progress in about the learning process.

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