Essay: How Speech is Expressed by Babies

20 Oct

Essay: How Speech is Expressed by Babies

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Other communications at this stage involve crying of babies when demanding for or rejecting something. Although communication is the main theme of language development at this stage, speech is expressed by crying. By the time a child is 12 months, he or she can comprehend simple instructions and uses one or more words a sign that they are able to appreciate the social value of speaking (Tincoff, 2001, p. 69).

By 18months, a child is capable of using some vocabulary, which are mainly made of nouns and can follow instructions when commanded to behave in a certain manner. Another notable behavior is the ability to attach some echolalia (Stahl, 1999, p. 66). This refers to repeated use of certain phrase that is repeating over and over. This develops the ability to utter words correctly and clearly.

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