Essay: Social Integration-Anti Doping Laws

19 Oct

Essay: Social Integration-Anti Doping Laws

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Social integration is achieved when partnerships are developed between Member State, law enforcement agencies, accredited laboratories by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and INTERPOL to exchange information about new doping strategies for a secure environment. The EU support for such efforts through training courses and networking between training centers for law enforcement officers bring individuals from different state together.

The recommendation made for doping commission is that trade of illicit doping substances must be treated in the same manner as trade in illicit drugs throughout the EU. The commission called for all actors with a responsibility for public health to take the health hazard aspects of doping into account not only in sporting but also in general health environment. The policy on sport organizations was developed with rules of good practice to ensure that young sportsmen and sportswomen are self aware, informed and educated of doping substances and prescription medicines which may implicate their health leading to termination from sporting profession. The EU benefited from a more coordinated approach in the fight against doping particularly through defined common positions in relation to the Council of Europe, WADA and UNESCO. In addition, benefit is experienced through the exchange of information and good practice between Governments, national anti-doping organizations and laboratories.

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