Essay: The Model of Social Competence

19 Oct

Essay: The Model of Social Competence

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In the recent years, several measure that were derived from diverse theoretical perspectives, that has been used in the children’s social network functioning (Gresham and macmillan,1997).because of this, the domains that need to be measured, ways of measuring them, the relationship among various measures and the constructs, are in fact a continuing matters of  that is debatable in the research literature ion the social competence in children( kavale and forness,1996 Gresham and macmillan, 1997 Vaughn and haager,1994 merrell and gimple,1998).

The chapter also uses the model of social competence that was proposed by Vaughn and haanger (1994).they had broadly conceptualized social competence saying it is like a higher order constructs that, just like intelligence, it can not be easily measured. With this view, they divided further, the social competence into four main components that are easier to access and they also serve as an indirect measure for social competence. The four components that they came up with include ;( 1) peer relations (2) social skills (3) behavior problem (4) social cognition.

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