Essay: Significance of Motivation

15 Oct

Essay: Significance of Motivation

Sample Essay

Motivation in any field of work is paramount as it makes the personnel work relentlessly and an organization benefits from their both knowledge and skills input. Managers who motivate their workers are prone to lead their organizations to greater heights of success and in this discussion one such manager will be highlighted. The paper will explore different behaviors and styles of motivation that were used to confront various challenges and enhancing effective running of his organization.

One such manager is Michael who at one time managed a communication providing company whose profits went high within his tenure. Michael worked to see that each duty was carried out with perfection it desired through motivation. First, he was self motivated and always focused to achieve more success, a thing that made other colleagues recognize his leadership abilities. It was a usual thing for Michael to encourage his juniors to always go ‘the extra mile’, a thing that was achieved through acknowledging the workers whenever a remarkable deed was done. According to him, a worker often feel appreciated when her/his efforts are recognized to having brought a positive impact in place of work.

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