Essay: Schizophrenic people leading a productive life

18 Oct

Essay: Schizophrenic people leading a productive life

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Though there are variations from individuals and regions a high number of people diagnosed with schizophrenia are known to recover well and go on to lead productive lives. A study conducted by Harding et al showed that about 33% of patients make full recovery with a further 33% showing improvement while the rest show no improvement at all. According to these statistics, it shows that Kylie was improving and she might have been on the path to full recovery if it were not for the battering she got from her boyfriend.

Since the condition is associated with paranoia, this worsened the situation for Kylie and she saw no importance of taking her medication onwards. Recovery requires that the people who are close to the patient to show love and affection so that the patient might feel wanted in the society. This gives the patient encouragement to live positively and goes a long way in ensuring that the patient recovers from this condition (Harding et al 1987).

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