Essay: Role of Financial Institutions in the Mortgage Industry

18 Oct

Essay: Role of Financial Institutions in the Mortgage Industry

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On the other hand, financial institutions, which are major stakeholders in the mortgage industry, could play the role of offering extra funds to be used to boost the mortgage industry. Financial institutions and the media could also help in fostering positive publicity through conducting joint public forums to sensitive people on the positive steps being made to resuscitate the performance of the industry. This would be very important in instilling trust and confidence in the industry (Cocke 2008).

The media could also help in ensuring that it mainly concentrate on identifying the existing loopholes in the industry through research and interview to the people on the ground. Such efforts would definitely go a long way in ensuring that the public regain trust in the industry. Positive publicity of the industry could also be carried out by the managing directors, human resource managers, public relation officers, human rights activists, nongovernmental organizations, long term customers that are strategically placed in the society among other interest groups.

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