Essay: Role of administrators in media relations

10 Oct

Essay: Role of administrators in media relations

Sample Essay

Evidently, administrators are not only restrained to planning how expose learning experiences and activities (Brooks, 1982, p. 301) to yield an enlightened generation, but also plan on marketing their educational brands to the community. In addition to that, students as products of educational curriculum ought to come out with technological knowhow and updated. By this they shall be able to meet market needs of fast moving technological world. Centrally, school administrators should work hard to market the school brand through media like TV, local radio and news paper and while organizing technology to produce the best owing to broadened role of school management.

Crucially, Media relations, Marketing and Technology Management are critical areas (Anderson, 1995, p. 73) which today’s school administrators need to plan for and to put into operation in the administration system for a successful school. This is because having a strong media and marketing plan in place will increase employee motivation, teachers or instructor’s effectiveness, student achievement, efficiency in school management, school finance and good community relationship. While on the other hand, proper technological organization and management shall facilitate adequate sustainability and support of the established structures of media and marketing strategies in relation to achievement of school’s and societal educational goals.

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