Essay: Resolving the problems of community and individuals

10 Oct

Essay: Resolving the problems of community and individuals

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The social initiative’s participants: “coordinators and volunteer board of directors;” developed a “mission statement” designating experiences as belonging to the individual or the community and resolving the problems of the individual and the community is possible by acknowledging these experiences.

The community development social construct included a dedication to “raising awareness” about “abuse” while “respecting the ‘sensibilities of the community’” by “educating the community through” study efforts, various “outreach activities” and the inclusion of men in decision making, policy development and throughout the physical construction of the housing unit.

The developed culture of the initiative was guided by the assumed importance of inclusion into the community that accommodated the housing unit.  Within a rural community, as decreed by a prominent feminist within the initiative’s culture, it is essential to acknowledge the male population by including men in administrative roles, detaching negative male stigmas while acknowledging urban and rural differences within male-female relationships.

The purpose for acknowledging and including men in social initiative deteriorated an “us-against-them” persona. (260)

The underlying “controversy” was ruled by the initiative’s conflicting structural processes of decision making and policy development and related conflicts concerning “social issues, ” the “location of the shelter,” and the recognition of the member’s contributions.  The environment that housed the conflict was riddled with “insult, shame and anger”…“counter insults, righteous indignation” and “degradation.” Fueling the controversy were conflicts that weighed the importance of the specific context of the actual shelter against the recognition of each member’s contributions fueled the controversy.

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