Essay: Role of alcohol in Australia

18 Oct

Essay: Role of alcohol in Australia

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In Australia, alcohol plays a central role in the countries way of life. In this regard, studies show that intake of alcohol and alcoholic products contributes substantially to different economic sectors like employment, the overall output of the nation, regional development and the nations public budget (McMichael, 2004). Ryan (2004) shows that the beverage is enjoyed by indigenous communities in Australia and argues that if taken in a moderate manner, it even has beneficial health effects as it acts as a health protector.

However, as indicated earlier, the practice also has adverse effects on the health and overall wellbeing of the Australian community. To this end, Mckee (2001) indicates that alcohol abuse has various effects that range from health complications (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, liver cirrhosis and stroke) to increased occurrence of accidents, reduced life expectancy, reduced productivity at the work place as a result of absenteeism and increased cases of violence and crime.

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