Essay: Rate of alcohol consumption in Australia

18 Oct

Essay: Rate of alcohol consumption in Australia

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Studies further indicate that the consumption rate for persons who are aged fifteen years and above stands at 9.8Lal annually (Forcier, 2008). This entails 4.6 Lal alcohol, 2.1 Lal spirits and 3.1 Lal wine. With regard to mortality, studies conducted by Forcier (2008) indicate that alcohol takes the second position after tobacco regarding deaths elated to drugs. In addition, it is presumed that alcohol contributes significantly to deaths on Australian roads. Statistics show that an overwhelming 2000 deaths that occurred in 2007 as a result of road accidents were contribute t by alcohol (Forcier, 2008).

Additionally, in the past seven years, Forcier (2008) shows that mental illnesses resulting from alcohol abuse increased significantly from 23,498 to 36,123. According to him, close to 700,000 hospitalizations as a result of high risk alcohol consumption was made. At the level of the community, statistics affirm that the economic costs amounted to $7.5 billion. This is inclusive of the costs stemming from other relative factors like crime and violence (Forcier, 2008). Overall, statistics show that alcohol takes up close to Australia’s $15 billion as social costs. This presents a challenge to the Australian government about how it can sustainably reduce these social costs and maintain beneficial implications of the beverage at the same time.

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