Essay: Procedure of research on corporate governance

14 Oct

Essay: Procedure of research on corporate governance

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The following procedure will be utilized when carrying out research: First, Collection of data both from primary and secondary sources. Stage two will deal with analyzing the collected data which is expected to take much longer time. In stage three research commences after which the researcher will recommend and conclude the research (Bromwich and Bhimani, 1991).


The research questions to be used will be based on an in-depth evaluation of the research objectives and targeted organizations (Brickley et al 1999). Whereby random sampling method will be greatly employed owing to its effectiveness in eliminating biasness and that, it offers a better representation of the population. In this effect, the questionnaires sent to employees and customers will be distributed to them randomly. To further supplement these questionnaires, the researcher will utilize other online journals, books, written articles and magazines in the process

Of collecting data (Fisher and Hronec, 1993). The choice of this method will be based on the fact that through it the researcher will be able to link theoretical perspectives with research purposes, and that the data to be collected will elicit the findings of the analysis (Fisher and Hronec, 1993).

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