Essay: Persuasion knowledge

17 Oct

Essay: Persuasion knowledge

Sample Essay

Grasping persuasion knowledge also offers the marketer a clear understanding of the target audience for any marketing strategy. It is in this regard that Kotler et al (2002, p.162) asserts that marketers in their development of behavior change campaigns must initially seek the affected consumer’s perspectives. Understanding the consumer group’s needs, objectives and goals creates positive directions towards formulating campaigns for change.

Hastings (2007, p.247) illustrates a campaign aimed at reducing speed in Scotland. It is eminent that if any behavior change is to be influenced, marketers should foremost understand the factors which foster speeding. Among such factors is the aspect of exaggerated feelings of control by particular speeders. In reaching such a target group, the most effective strategy would be to offer these drivers with an alternative sense of control which does not endanger their lives. This can involve advertisements which disclaim the possession of control while speeding and instead depict steady driving as the new form of control.

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