Essay: Mass media and the marketing of books

Sample Essay – Mass media

Integration of mass media in the usage and marketing of books would also contribute to a greater extend into the usage of books. In future, the integration of books into various broadcasting methods could facilitate the acceptance of the fact that books can never be replaced by integration of information over the internet. Even though the reading culture of printed books tends to continuously decrease, it is evident that online resources and other electronic sources of books continue to dominate the market.

People have continued to integrated new technologies into their lives thus making it necessary for the existing printed books to be transformed into electronic formats (Boczkowski 2004).  Challenges that currently face the integration of electronic means into people’s reading lives include security, confidentiality, lack of authenticity, copyright and patent issue and problems of non repudiation. Moreover, not everybody understands how the exiting new technologies are used. Thus could be a great hindrance to the efforts to ensure that the future of books is ensured.

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