Essay: Viable wellness program

Sample Essay – Wellness program

In order to address these concerns in a sustainable manner, Koplan, Liverman and Kraak (2000) propose that a viable wellness program should be comprehensive and focus on all areas. Fundamentally, physical health needs to be given utmost attention. This is because of the recognition that other problems tend to stem from obesity. As such, the proposed wellness program would encourage incorporation of physical education in the school curriculum.

In this regard, Flegal (1998) posit that knowledge is very important as it modifies destructive attitudes and related habits. Students need to be informed about the importance of physical fitness and how it can be attained. In addition, adjustments that aim at encouraging physical activity should be undertaken.

Of great importance would be to complete fitness assessments in order to determine the segment of the population that is most vulnerable. This will ensure that the wellness programs accord particular attention to their health needs.

Further, Perry (1998) recommends that health education that focuses on enhancing healthy living, promoting active lifestyles and minimizing risky behaviors should also be incorporated in the curriculum.

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