Essay: Limitations of the study on corporate governance

15 Oct

Essay: Limitations of the study on corporate governance

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The scope of this study shall be on the concept of corporate governance in Saudi Arabia but it will look at other countries around the globe where it has worked effectively. All the respondents shall come from within the Saudi Arabia region. This therefore, shall imply that the information obtained shall be limited to only those interviewed. The researcher shall attempt to find resourceful information from oversee organizations through the use of technology such as telephone calls and emailed questionnaires (Hiromto, 1991).

However, this approach shall be limited because one can never know whether the responses are genuine or false. Another limitation is on time. The all sector is a vast area in terms of research study. Therefore, the research shall only be limited due the limited time available. Another limitation shall be on the quality of the responses given (Fisher, Hronec, 1993). A great deal of employees has expressed worries over the information that they can give, and the surety of confidentiality. This is likely to affect respondents in deciding the kind of information they could be willing to give. In general, limitations shall be experienced in terms of time, money, and scope of study (Fisher and Hronec, 1993).

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