Essay: Lack of Technical Expertise in Poorer Countries

10 Oct

Essay: Lack of Technical Expertise in Poorer Countries

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The SPS measures are not protectionist in intent; however, they pose clear, specific difficulties for poorer countries. In particular, poorer countries are handicapped by more limited access to scientific and technical expertise and information needed to meet new requirements. Moreover, the prevailing production and marketing conditions in developing countries are incompatible with SPS requirements (Tjaart, 2005. pp. 492-494).

Quality assurance systems provide an account of the transformation of private sector approaches to quality management. The International Standards Organization helps to accredit quality assurance in Total Quality Management, Good Practices and HACCP especially in the supply chains. Developing countries however lag behind such options to improve the quality of standards in their home countries (Burlingame & Pineiro, 2007, pp.139-146).

From the above information, it can be ascertained that poor countries are faced with far much greater challenges while attempting to address food safety management both locally and internationally. Factors such as lack of expertise, lack of knowledge and incapacitation resulting in lack of funds as well as stringent measures put in place by the developed world are continuously crippling such efforts.

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