Essay: Land use issues in sierra California-Recreational industries

10 Oct

Essay: Land use issues in sierra California-Recreational industries

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Land use in Sierra Nevada is hugely surrounded by controversies emanating from recreational industry. These facilities have huge impacts on how land is used not only in Sierra but also all over the US. Among the most popular recreational centers are the famous Charles Howard Park and the Castle Oaks Golf course (Aspinall & Michael, 2008, p. 72).

These facilities occupy large areas of land leading to a decline of expansion reserves, which has hindered developments of infrastructure and other prime construction opportunities within Amondor county. Establishing of such facilities is not well regulated perhaps leading to the stand off currently being experience amongst the Sierra community. This is because there are neither federal nor state regulations applicable to such ventures thus letting the burden to local regulations that lie with the county government (118) These laws are however weak and do not meet the thresholds that can regulate such businesses. The county still relies on old-fashioned regulations, which seek coordinate recreational strategies for both the federal government, which has no laws recognizing the same. These weaknesses have resulted in positioning of such facilities in wrong sites leading to rampant land fragmentation that is avoidable.

Any business organization however profitable it may be has to comply with regulations related to land use. Poor utilization of this resource results into fatal economic and social repercussions that can bring a society on its knees (Koomen & Stillwell, 2007, p. 103). Therefore, regardless of any forces whether political or social, such facilities should adhere to laws regulating land use. The government at all levels has to come up with modern policies aimed at regulating land use based on the type of investments being introduced.

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