Essay: Labor demands

15 Oct

Essay: Labor demands

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Alleyne, Doherty and Greenidge (2006) contend the due to the nature of the hospitality industry; labor demand is much unpredictable and subject to seasonal variation. As a result, the hospitality industry has had negative image among prospective employees. Elsewhere Debrah and Budhwar (2004) argue that changes in the macro environment for example ageing workforce, lower birth rates have also contributed to employees’ shortage heightening the imbalance between the employee demand and supply. This has made employee resourcing a great problem and highlights that effective management of demand and supply of best employee is a great problem in the hospitality industry (Tanke, 2001).

Successful hospitality firms eventually find that their domestic markets are saturated or that foreign markets offer opportunities for growth and profits that are not available domestically. Several forces are leading businesses into the global arena. These include trade barriers falling especially in Europe and North America, newly industrialized countries, shift towards market economies, availability of financial capital; standards are becoming uniform globally and advancement in information technology (Tanke, 2001).

Organizations that want to remain competitive must therefore acquire state of the art resources at a lower price, for example, they may consider expanding to emerging nations where labor is cheap.

The strategic management repercussions of increasing globalization are extreme. Managers cannot afford to overlook opportunities in foreign markets. Nonetheless, business methods and customs vary from country to country. These disparities make stakeholder analysis and management even more important. Analysis of wide environmental forces such as society, technology, and political influences ought to extend to the different regions in which an organization carries out business. People also vary greatly from region to region. The challenge of an increasing competitive global marketplace needs to be dealt with through a well-devised strategic management process. Nevertheless, tactical planning must not always lead to the kinds of changes that are essential to stay aggressive over the long term.

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