Essay: Job related issues

21 Oct

Essay: Job related issues

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The Britons have less to expect to better their sight in terms of employment and securing job opportunities in the EU community. This is evident from the countries like Germany and France whom since 1992 stuck rigidly to the Maastricht European Union Treaty, in an effort to make their economies ready for the EMU (Marvin 1997) . This included the interest rates, levels of inflation, exchange rates and budget deficit all this in preparation for the monetary union.

Then the result was terrible and horrific that still disturbs these governments up to date in relation to social crises and more so in the high unemployment rates amongst the youths who graduate out of learning system. In this sense, (Andrew 2001) , states that history does not repeat itself, but we ought to learn from history and correct the incidences that lead to its happening, so that we deter it from happening once again in our life time. Hence we ought to learn from these occurrences in theEurope history in relation to this monetary unity.

Furthermore it is evident from the treaty in article 105 which states that the main objective of the European Central Bank is to pursue deflationary policies. In economic terms deflation translates to the high rate of unemployment as opposed to the inflationary based policies. Hence these monetary policies that aims at maintaining price stability through putting down inflation (John 2001) through regulation acts of the ECB and member countries shall render many jobless inUK. In fact there is high rate of unemployment which continues to steadily rise on daily basis across Europe than inUK, therefore ifUKgives in to the ECB to control her economic activities and planning the public shall definitely suffer unemployment (Andrew 2001).

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