Essay: The Use of Internet Services by Terror Groups

17 Oct

Essay: The Use of Internet Services by Terror Groups

Sample Essay

Purposive sampling was employed in selecting the most suitable case studies for this research. The November 26, 2008 Mumbai attacks in India that killed 164 and wounded 308 are among the fatal terror activities the world has witnessed in the recent past. It was specifically selected because it happened in a place more vulnerable to and notorious for terrorism and at the same time, the country is served with internet services properly. In these attacks, the internet could have been used in planning and executing the whole mission. It is possible to believe beyond any reasonable doubt that the insurgents that entered India through Pakistani waters used Google maps services. Such smooth sailing movements could possibly be coordinated by this means since their success depends on minute to minute monitoring. Therefore sampling this case could provide the much-needed insight about the use of internet services by terror groups to plan and carry out attacks.

The second sample case was the Toronto 18 as commonly referred to. This incident ironically happened in one of the most secured countries in the world, Canada. As if the irony was not enough, it was planned by 18 Canadian youths. Despite the fact that it did not materialize, the plan seems to have carefully been coordinated obviously through inaccessible avenues that are internet supported. Furthermore, the youths are the members of modern society that use the internet most. Therefore, purposefully arriving at this incident as a sample study case should not me mistaken.

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