Essay: Customer Services

17 Oct

Essay: Customer Services

Sample Essay

It has always been my policy as a manager to offer our clients the best possible services in terms of quality. I recognize that the success of the company basically lies in in the kind of services that our clients receive.

I give priority to our clients need in order for our company to be competitive in the market. I ensure that our products, before they get released in the market, complies with the required  standards which include quality and quantity. One of the ways that the company receives feedback from the clients is through conducting customers’ satisfaction survey. However, our last survey produced undesirable results. There was complaint among our customers concerning the quantity of our product. In all the clients that participated, 82% were not satisfied with the quantity of our paints. They said that the containers held less than the amount indicated. On making inquiries at the concerned department, the managers unanimously said that actually the containers hold more paint than they should and there is need for the quantity to be reduced further. According to me, the company should not produce anything less or more than it should. In other words, it is the responsibility of the quality control manager to ensure that the products meet the required specification and standard.

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