Essay: Improved perception about conflict management

15 Oct

Essay: Improved perception about conflict management

Sample Essay

The outcome of my learning is in terms of improved perception about conflict management and negotiations.  Most important aspect that have changed positively, is the discovery that conflicts can not be avoided in social settings like in critical care unit that involve diversified persons also reflect opinions, emotions, values, needs and perception diversity.  The fascinating aspect of it all is the value and usefulness derived from conflicts.

As noted by Archibald (2003) conflict is necessary to address problems, help people recognize the benefits of differing opinions and bring about change to organizations based on the various positions and sources of conflict. Furthermore, conflict enhances growth and innovation, new ways of thinking, and can bring about additional management options (Tyler-Evans and Evans, 2002). On the contrast unresolved conflict can cause decreased cohesion among the team members, distraction of individuals from their tasks, decreased productivity, increased costs through absenteeism, higher mediation costs, and Increase in stress in the workforce (Brandt, Holt and Sullivan, 2001).  Therefore, this positive perception change gives me deeper insight and I have confidence that I can effectively handle leadership challenges like conflict from the leader’s perspective.

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