Essay: Improving employee satisfaction

15 Oct

Essay: Improving employee satisfaction

Sample Essay

Some researchers have recommended that specific human resource management practices can improve employee satisfaction, which in turns minimizes the turnover rate. Empowerment is one of the efficient approaches suggested by many researchers (Enz & Siguaw, 2000a, 2000b; Lashley, 1999). They recommended that it is significant to give power to the employees who provide services by focusing on customers’ needs.

Service encounters are the key activity in a customer service business and employees may encounter many diverse unique situations, which cannot be covered by the organizational policies and actions (Iverson & Deery 1997). If organizations are able to give power to their employees, then they are able to exercise prudence in delivering customer service and do whatever is required to satisfy customers’ needs (Enz & Siguaw, 2000a; Lashley, 1999). There is an argument that empowered employees also have a propensity to have a strong sense of control and personal worth because they can take liability for the service encounter and have the power to effect customer satisfaction (Lashley, 1999). At another level, it has been recommended that empowered employees be motivated by doing meaningful work that eventually enhances their job satisfaction and reduces the turnover rate.

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