Essay: Greatest Fear of Man is Anonymity

Sample Essay

Additionally, the greatest fear of man is to live in the modern world is anonymity. In order to overcome this fear, men often strive to achieve power and fame by working hard. This power and fame is characterized by material wealth, good health and intelligence (Brooke 73).

It cannot be disputed that personal wealth and self-importance are the two forces that drive the modern American society. To achieve this, man engages himself in various activities that yield different desirable outputs.

In conclusion, it can be ascertained that despite the fact that the conception of the alpha male archetype seems relatively natural, its employment in the American society has had various implications. Indeed, the ideal man in the present society has to utilize most of the alpha male attributes in order to succeed and survive in the present world. It can then be concluded that despite having undergone minimal changes in line with the global dynamism, the attributes play an essential role in survival because they help man cope with the different challenges that the world presents.

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