Essay: Giving Support To Schizophrenics

Sample Essay – Schizophrenics

The most important thing when dealing with schizophrenics is to understand that they need the people close to them for support if they are to make positive improvements in their treatment. Researchers have shown that patients who are in loving families and environments are less likely to continue with the suffering of people who have schizophrenia. Kylie being a teenager is expected to be concerned by the side effects that are associated with the medication of schizophrenia. The government on the other hand should put in place regulations that make sure that the kind of medication in use has no diverse side effects to its users. Supporting people who have this condition, while at the same time taking their medication is a sure way of making them show positive results to treatment. It is important to combine the use of metacognitive and cognitive-behavioral therapy since the two show a significant improvement in the health of the patients. (McFarlane, 2003)

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