Essay: Global Operations

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At the Global Operations level the company needs to venture mostly into merges and acquisition with other financial institutions. This will enable the company to grow its market share and make acquisitions that actually affect the top line.  By any account Citi has the strongest world presence of any U.S, since Citi has been operating in many foreign countries.

As a result, Citi would be able to command a premium multiple, in the range of 15-17x earnings (Stephen and Robert, 2004).

Business wise, the Citigroup should do more on the Corporate Developments like venturing into latest technological advancement like Mobile Banking. This is because most competitors Banks across the industry have made progress into mobile banking issues. Phone-based mobile banking (James and Mina, 2006; Michael 2005) that offers basic services like account management and fund transfers. This service shall capture and attract many clients especially those are lacking bank accounts, are undocumented, and poor. Additionally, should venture in latest card technology like biometric credit card that verifies customers by fingerprint providing increased protection against credit fraud, as opposed a plastic card prone to credit fraud (Michael, 2007).

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