Essay: Germany attacking Serbia

14 Oct

Essay: Germany attacking Serbia

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Germans were  also said to be involved in the licensing a small number of Berlin and Vienna in order to attack the Serbia country pretending that they were avenging the two people who were killed in Serbia. This alliance between the Germany and the Austria strengthen its regime and were now able to capture major cities and territories.

This enabled them to outweigh the Britain and the French who were their main competitors. This was evidently seen during the liberalization of morocco when the Germany had to separate the France from the Britain. This made them to be superpowers and was now able to capture major territories in Africa, a situation that triggered the First World War.

In addition Fromskin argued that the Austria had been given a blank cheque by the Germany as a support for Serbia attack. It therefore appeared from the outset that the Germany was looking for war. This happen in the14th june1914

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