Essay: Germany participation on the First World War

14 Oct

Essay: Germany participation on the First World War

Sample Essay

According to the Fromkins (2004), the First World War was instigated by the Germany. This was evident when the Germany supported the Austria in the fight against the Serbia. This followed the assassinations committed by the Serbia terrorist to the Austria-Hungary’s archduke Franz Ferdinand. Despite the Serbia admitting and apologising to the Austria they still organised the attacks with the help of the Germany. In addition, history showed that disagreement between the Serbia and the Austria was resolved in a convectional way until the Germany instigated the Austria to cause havoc to the Serbian.

More over the Result showed that the Germany had no reason in particular to warrant the attacks against the Serbia. This Germans entry encouraged the Austral to plan the attacks against the Serbia. Fromskins (2004) argues that the Germans ought to have applied a lot of pressure and emphasize to the Austria to secure peace and mediate in order to bring peace and tranquillity to the two countries.

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