Essay: Forcing the students to study

12 Oct

Essay: Forcing the students to study

Sample Essay

Research has shown that the more the student is forced and coerced the more the harder he becomes for them to assimilate what they are being given by the instructor. Applying and implementing becomes even much harder. For us to have a good environment of learning then freedom of choice, freedom of action and the power to bear responsibility should be cultivated in all fields. This greatly enhances the intellectual and the moral advancement. This creates a good rapport with the villages and outreach services can be organized. If on the contrary the freedom is not given the students will always be bored and will have little interest in learning.

The student should have very clear expectation regarding the health course he is taking otherwise he may waste allot of time and in the end drop it. Positive attitudes is important in this and one must get the all the relevant information from the experienced people concerned (Seligman 2000, p.406). These people could be the course instructors and other experienced people in this field. This creates confidence and motivations to the individual candidate because of the expectation have been met even before one fully engages in the field.

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