Essay: The Study of Victomology

Sample Essay

The increased incidences of criminal offences in nations is a global menace which has effect on those subjected to crime and the offenders who engage in crime actions. The act of crime is brought about by breaking the law enforced by the government of nations thus there is violation of rights entitled to individuals and disruptions of well being.

Victimology is category within criminology with fields such as juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, assault, murder, rape, robbery and burglary. Any one can become a victim and some are more vulnerable to than others. Victimology is field of study to find facts why people are victimized and criminology is a field of study to find why crime is committed. Both fields are characterized by social, economical and political factors.

Victims are blamed by society to be careless and not being able to defend themselves. There is need to understand victimizations and being a victim in order to put the strategies and precautions of being vulnerable to being a victim. Therefore there is need of Victimology as a career field to form Programs of assisting victims to cope with the situation.

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