Essay: Essentialism vs. Socialism

Sample Essay

The  subject area that relates to sexuality have given rise to more than expected controversies basing on the nature and scope of required sociological perspective and how to discuss sexuality in the in today’s  society that seem to have a varied divergent sexual orientation.

It can be agreed therefore, it’s a daunting task to sociologist to give a more compelling explanation of the controversial topics in gender studies and sexuality (McIntosh 2008).  In other words, it is proving more difficulty to provide or support the some of the major theories explaining sexuality due to dynamism in the perspective that informed this social theories and sound practices of the society. For instance in the problem of the gender and sexuality has proven to be challenging owing to their approach in proving or disapproving  science or medical theories have never been proven. For this topic of study however, give rise to many controversial versions of investigative hypotheses.

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