Essay: Erasing Thoughts from the Mind

Sample Essay

The research shows the fact that it is not possible to erase a thought from the mind completely. It is important to note that though a thought can be eliminated from the conscious mind, there are chances of recurrence of the thought.

According to the research, a person can forget about a disturbing thought if he or she has his or her mind engaged on something else. However forgetting about that thought can only be temporary since the same thought will still recur.

The research was conducted on people who were not thinking about a certain issue seriously for they were told to choose to think about anything. This can be different when it is conducted on person who is mourning for example. The fact that a thought can be suppressed cannot happen in all instances since different people have different approaches to different circumstances. The research is a general overview of what is expected from a majority in the society but there are exceptions, which are not mentioned in the research. The most important thing to note is that trying to suppress a thought deliberately may bring an excitement to the person who is trying to do that. The experiments also demonstrated the existence of initial suppression arousal as indicated by the initial increase in skin conductance level in the three minutes period. The studies also demonstrated the emotional surge because of intrusion responses. Wegner and others findings were consistent with other reports that had also demonstrated the effects of the initial suppression and the intrusion reaction.

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