Essay: Enforcement of Amendment on Private Sector

Sample Essay

In support of this, it is argued that anyone who tries to enforce the amendment on any private sector will be doing it illegally and unconstitutionally, implying that if the enforcement has to be done, another amendment has to done to support it.

This journal further sees the amendment as one that advocates for the abuse of power by the state officials (1354). The other journal on the other hand starts by seeing the complexity as well since it is believed that there are some controversies involved in the fourteenth amendment. It argues that the poor reading people have when it comes to the Act brings about the main controversy. It is argued that people try to understand the Act but by neglecting some other important parts. The Act can only work successfully if every one who applies it sees each pat of it important. The injustices dealt with in this amendment are seen to be those violating the state’s laws against battery, assault and homicide. Although initially, the fourteenth amendment was meant to empower the state to be able to protect the interests and rights of the citizens, it happened that it did indeed worsen the situation for encouraging abuse of power.

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