Essay: Argument on the 14th Amendment

15 Oct

Essay: Argument on the 14th Amendment

Sample Essay

Both of the articles argue that the amendment was meant to protect the rights of the citizens of the U.S with inclusion of the blacks as part of the citizenship.

At first, the amendment was a success until when the state officials started using it for their betterment rather than for the good of the citizens. It is also evident from the two journals that although the fourteenth amendment was formulated to help in protecting the human rights, it can only be effected if the state laws fail in their functioning. This implies that there is no way suspects of any crime against human rights can be judged based on the act unless the state is seen to fail in ruling.  It should also be noted that the state can deprive the citizens of their rights to vote, but it is not possible for the congress to punish the state. It is only possible to punish individuals who act ….

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