Essay: 14th amendment of United States

15 Oct

Essay: 14th amendment of United States

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The 14th amendment was done on the constitution of theUnited States in the year1868, July 9. Its main aim was to protect the interests of the U.S citizens since it was one among the Reconstruction Amendments. In the Citizenship Clause, citizenship definition was broadened so that it included blacks as citizens too.

In the Due Process Clause, both the local and state governments are prohibited from depriving the citizens, both corporate and individuals, of property, liberty and life without definite steps. The third clause of Equal Protection Clause necessitates the state to grant equal protection to all the citizens despite their class in the society.

Several journals and academic articles have been written to examine further the working of the fourteenth amendment. Both of the journals in discussion are intended to show the good working and loopholes of the amendment. To start with, The Yale journal is more concerned about the complexity involved in enforcing the 14th amendment on private sectors for it sees it as one, which can work only in the state sector.

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