Essay: Effects of Divorce on Children

Sample Essay – Effects of Divorce on Children

Both the short-term and long-term effects of divorce on children depend on their age. Whether it’s their feelings or their behavior, the age of the child determines how much the child will be affected. Depending on the age of the children, both their behavior and their feelings will vary widely.

In addition, psychologists have found some of the following physical and emotional responses in children. One of the major effects is lack of sleep. Many children, regardless of their age, have been seen to lose concentration as well as sleep during the immediate period of divorce and sometimes after.

Divorce has also contributed to children abusing drugs. To forget the trauma many children, especially teenagers, have suffered in abusing drugs. The most abused drugs include alcohol and tobacco. In addition, many teenagers have been observed to turn to sexual promiscuity or sexual violence.

This kind of behavior has been seen to hamper the physical and mental health of children. Infliction of self-injury or committing suicide has also been found to be an expensive response. Some children have found self-gratification from harming themselves.

Psychologists have described this as a means of self-escapism. In trying to forget the problems or circumstances surrounding them, some have gone ahead and attempted or even succeeded in committing suicide.

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