Essay: Effects of Divorce on School Going Children

Sample Essay

Many psychologists have suggested that this group, especially those in elementary school may be the ones that are mostly affected by divorce. According to many psychologists these children are old enough to know what is going on.

This makes them angry, to know that their parents are divorcing. However, at the same time these children are young to be able to understand or even control their reactions.

According to Patten, Peggy, (1999), this makes them the most delicate group and parents should try and hide their hostility towards this group. Among the effects noticed in this group include uncontrolled anger, grief, divided loyalty, embarrassment as well as increased resentment. Psychologists have also found out that these children usually deteriorate academically. This has been attributed to increased lack of concentration while in class. In addition these children usually do not have time to concentrate on their homework. Due to the separation between the parents the children usually lack a mentor to see them through their homework.

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