Essay: Children’s social network competence

19 Oct

Essay: Children’s social network competence

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As it is revealed in the above discussion, there are very many ways to conceptualize and also assess children’s social network competence; this could range from peer acceptance to a focus on discrete behavioral competencies and the deficits to cognitive measures. The Current information-processing models have well combined these aspects into a comprehensive framework that delineates how children either achieve or fail to achieve social competence.

To be more precise, the study of Crick and Dodge (1994) have offered a widely accepted social-cognitive framework for understanding and organizing empirical research pertaining to children’s social network functioning. This theoretical framework makes one to understand and evaluate the interplay between social cognition, behavior, and the environment in determining social competence in children. It outlines the social-cognitive and behavioral processes that account for children’s social behaviors and that are ultimately involved in how the child is perceived and reacted to by his or her peers. The next section provides an overview of this model.

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