Essay: Challenges Faced By Businesses

17 Oct

Essay: Challenges Faced By Businesses

Sample Essay

In the business environment today globally, business ventures are faced with various challenges and difficulties. These challenges and difficulties are a result of ever increasing competition amongst the business venture, rooted in market dynamism. Therefore amidst these challenges and difficulties there is need to realize the vital part of business that is the engine which drives the organization towards achieving its objectives. In this regard, the organization engine is the human capital of the firm.

Hence there is a need to place firm’s human capital at center of the success strategy. In that connection this paper shall examine the human resources management issues that deter performance of the NIC firm in an attempt to design an efficient and effective Human Resource Strategy for the firm. In order to that effectively, the paper shall examine pitfalls in the firm Human Resources management practices of the company and suggests possible remedies that can return the firm to gaining end.

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