Essay: Life after prison-close monitoring

17 Oct

Essay: Life after prison-close monitoring

Sample Essay

After release from prison, close monitoring is done to the ex-offenders but with special attention to males. This is fact is fetched from statistical evidence that more women than men will settle down and adopt a positive life than men. Close monitoring of these fellows interferes with their freedom making it harder for them to consider looking for jobs (74). On the other hard, hardened criminals would choose to be vigilant on their side trying to avoid law enforcement agents even when not committing a crime of any nature. This kind of psychological tension that tend to affect males than females inhibit their probability to seek official jobs thus putting them at risk of reengaging in crimes.

Studies show that the level of suspicion in both sexes is almost the same with equal proportions of employees remaining suspicious not only to the police but also to neighbors. This problem is again prevalent in men than it is to women, the main reason being that females are more likely to settle and continue with their life (78). Men on the other hand remain suspicious than women again making the shy away from reintegration processes thus limiting further their chances of getting employed.

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