Essay: Burden on Kidney Patients

16 Oct

Essay: Burden on Kidney Patients

Sample Essay

Factor which clearly fosters the use of compensation and incentives is the expected benefit of reducing expenditures and in turn leading to economic growth. Kidney patients not only carry the burden of their malfunctioned organs but also a great financial burden.

For those who have been on waiting lists for long, they end up incurring so many expenses both in dialysis and their up keep. These individuals live on specialized diets and may have to part with more finances when purchasing foods. Furthermore, their trips to and from the hospitals also incur large costs. In addition, there are the psychological strains which affect both the waiting recipients and their families. Having to deal with stress related illnesses and other psychological ailments also costs them heavily. Evidently, the long waiting lists are in no way contributing to the positive growth of the country’s revenues. Furthermore, patients suffering from kidney diseases more often than not have to terminate their employment and stay home. In doing so, they reduce the amounts of collected revenues. Also, they become reliant on the government for their upkeep through disability payments. Eventually, kidney illnesses are observed to go against sound financial management views which advocate for spending less and saving more.


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