Essay: Brief History and Likely Future of Books

16 Oct

Essay: Brief History and Likely Future of Books

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In order to properly understand what the future of books is and understand whether or not they actually have a future, it is in order to ensure that the history of books is brought into focus. The history of books and their future greatly relies on the continued innovations being made in the various technological innovations.

The writing system was a major innovation that started in the ancient civilizations. Greeks for instance has a huge contribution to the use of writing in their attempt to preserve their culture for the future generations.

Stones, trees, walls, clay, animals’ skins, metal sheets and the human bodies are some of the surfaced which were utilized as writing materials in the ancient days. In the 1800 BC, there was the emergence of the alphabetic writing in the Egyptian republic. Papyrus, a plant that was commonly found along the Nile River, was mainly used for writing on during the early stages of the emergence of writing (Birkerts 1994). Initially, writing did not exhibit any form of punctuation since words were never separated from each other.

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