Essay: Behavior Problems in children with ASD

19 Oct

Essay: Behavior Problems in children with ASD

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As exemplified over the past three decades, a significant body of literature has accumulated on the sociometric status and social behaviors of students with disabilities in the inclusive classroom.  The preponderance of this work suggests that many students with disabilities have problematic social behavior and are not well accepted by their classmates in the mainstream settings ( Farmer, Estell, Leung, Trott, Bishop and Cairns, 2002 Bryan, 1997).

Research dating back to the late 1960s has substantiated that problem behaviors are more common among children with ASD. In 1969, as an example, Myklebust, Boshes, Olson, and Cole (as cited in Bryan and Bryan, 1983) reported teacher ratings indicating that children with ASD were less cooperative, less attentive, less organized, less capable of coping with new situations, less responsible, and less tactful than those without form of learning disabilities. Similar to these teacher ratings, Dorval, McKinney, and Feagans (1982) found through direct observation, those interactions that occurred between teachers and children with ASD were more likely to involve the use of behavior management techniques as a result of rule violations they had made than interactions between these teachers and students without this learning disabilities.

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