Essay: Different People Respond Differently

Sample Essay – Different People Respond Differently

Different people respond differently in negotiations depending on their personality. For instance, we have the accommodating personality. Negotiators with this kind of personality tend to be too sensitive to the needs of the other negotiators, something that can be taken advantage of by the other negotiating team. We also have the negotiation avoiding character.

Such people tend to shy off negotiations and in many cases; they stand to lose when critical agreements are made in their absence. We also have the collaborating kind of personality portrayed by people. Such kind of people is willing to engage in demanding negotiations where hard tasks are being handled. They often steer the wheel forward irrespective of the field that they are in. We then have the competing personalities. They are in most cases willing to join negotiations as it offers them a chance to win to win something over their peers. They tend to be too competitive, thus jeopardizing the organization’s current relationships current relationships for short term gains. The last kind of personality is the compromising personality. Such people avoid negotiation by distributing whatever it is in a just and equitable manner (Philip, 2010). This knowledge of individual personalities will enable me to engage in negotiations with less friction in the future

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