Essay: Assessing a child’s language and communication abilities

4 Feb

Essay: Assessing a child’s language and communication abilities

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Assessing a child’s language and communication abilities is very instrumental in deciding what kind of programs to use in helping such children to cope with their disabilities (Gambell & Yang, 2003, p. 19). These programs should aim at assisting the child improve on his or her language abilities and further focus on improving communication with other people.

Programming should first start at an early age where a child is monitored consistently in order to identify problems in their speech if any. Coming up with such preventive strategies will help much in dealing with a problem before it is too late or when the damage might be irreparable. However, language programs should be technology oriented as this reduces the burden of technicalities involved in using them. Language programming helps in learning other different languages more effectively and therefore would work even better for language-disbled children (26). New languages can also be developed through proper programming thus enabling disabled children communicate easily in different languages through technology.

Artificially formulated languages in intelligence can be used to come up with improving language abilities in matters related to intelligence. A good example of such is the programming in logic (PROLOG) and tree search (Mielke, 2008, p. 173). Such programs should provide disabled children wit the ability to learn basic language deficiencies they have by help of a computer-designed artificial languages. Assessing language abilities especially by teachers enable them to come up with special provisions for different conditions and therefore being able to wholly take care of children with specific language disabilities (175). Unless language and communication problems are taken care of in the earliest opportunities, they are likely to demand for more efforts in controlling them. This is because they are more difficult to address at advanced ages compared to when children are younger.

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