Essay: A Child’s Ability at two year

Sample Essay At two years, language development is more advanced. A child is able to name and number common objects on site. Apart from using common nouns, a child is now able to factor in the use of a number of prepositions including in, under, over, on which are mostly used to combine words into short, intelligible sentences. The development of an infant is the progression of a child’s growth from infancy to puberty, from attachment to growing freedom. For a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional growth, the early years are critical. As a result, it is vital that parents take the appropriate action to ensure that their children grow up in ways that fulfill their physical, mental, and educational needs. Pronouns such as you, me, I, are correctly used although there are many confusions in the use of ‘me’ and ‘I’ (Tincoff, 2001, p. 75). Fluency and the rhythm of the language are not the best but can be understood. The child can also respond to demands requiring them to identify their body parts such as the nose, eyes, and hand etcetera. Voice control is still a problem because the child cannot control their pith and volume.
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