Essay: Argument among the right wing philosophers

12 Oct

Essay: Argument among the right wing philosophers

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Among right wing philosophers in both Europe and North America there is often argument about which continent is more politically right, with American critics like Mark Steyn debating Europe is undoubtedly the worst off, and the European New Right debating that American is the main source of modern liberalism.

 However, rather than getting into a parochial culpability game about who is the more humiliating influence, it is more fascinating to look at how the manipulation of left liberalism distinguishes between the two continents and what this reveals about their political conventions.

The United States of America is strong in opposing left liberalism to the degree that it intrudes on its classical liberal conventions. Consequently it tends to be a much strong defender of free speech and state rights in comparison to European nations, however is weak in defending non-egalitarian thoughts such as immigration restrictionism, which is a conformist, rather than classical liberal notion.

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